Date: Aug 18, 2018

Building a Successful Project Management Office

You Will Learn How To

  • Develop a Project Management Office (PMO) to improve project efficiency
  • Customize standards for project management methodologies, processes and procedures
  • Manage and validate compliance through centralized controls
  • Align project selection criteria with strategic organizational objectives
  • Create a Project Management Information System (PMIS) for better communication and collaboration
  • Provide ongoing project management support through mentoring and coaching


Course Benefits

A Project Management Office (PMO) is vital to ensure project consistency, efficiency and effectiveness across the organization. In this course, you learn how to build an effective PMO. You gain the skills to structure a central PMO that provides standardization, oversight and ongoing support, and training in a multiple-project environment.



  • Why you need a Project Management Office
  • Defining the value of a PMO
  • Assessing how a PMO can help your organization

The Components of a PMO

Establishing overall success criteria

  • Clarifying the PMO Maturity Model
  • Setting the foundation by creating a PMO charter
  • Adapting PMO roles and responsibilities within the organization

Developing a PMO road map for success

  • Identifying PMO inputs and outputs for greater project control
  • Implementing a PMO that suits the needs of your organization

Tailoring Project Management Standards and Controls

Defining project standardization

  • Recognizing the benefits of systems thinking and process planning at the program level
  • Establishing standardization of project management processes
  • Developing standard document templates for complete project life cycle management
  • Building project management methodologies applicable to your environment

Applying project controls and oversight

  • Adapting defined standards and metrics
  • Combining theory and application through the work of Edwards Deming
  • Validating project compliance to standards and regulations
  • Structuring project knowledge management
  • Facilitating project portfolio management

Aligning Projects with Business Goals

Driving business objectives

  • Balancing business drivers with new initiative selection criteria
  • Applying organizational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Forming external relations

  • Navigating the vendor selection process
  • Managing key stakeholder expectations

Implementing PMO Communication Processes

Establishing enterprise-wide communication processes

  • Structuring a Project Management Information System (PMIS)
  • Fostering project management image and culture
  • Assessing and managing organizational communication risks across a portfolio of projects

Leveraging external communication tools and techniques

  • Managing customer and stakeholder relationships
  • Leading vendor and contractor relationship management
  • Directing business performance reporting across the enterprise
  • Maintaining a single point of contact between projects, the organization and the community

Supporting Projects Through the PMO

Balancing project staffing and career development

  • Coordinating project resource management
  • Aligning ongoing training and education needs with organizational growth and development
  • Recognizing individual career development
  • Forecasting proper succession planning

Providing project guidance and leadership

  • Fostering project team development through active engagement and ongoing support
  • Mentoring and coaching skill development of project managers
  • Performing independent project audits to encourage growth and learning
  • Providing project recovery planning assistance to meet established project goals

Forging a PMO Implementation Plan

  • Preparing a PMO proposal
  • Selling the PMO Maturity Model
  • Creating an implementation road map that meets the needs of your organization
  • Inspiring project leadership through a mature, supportive PMO
  • Nurturing a mature project management culture
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