Date: Aug 21, 2018
Communication Skills

Communication Skills Courses

Course Code Length
Communication Skills
SC001 3 Days
Influence Skills
SC002 4 Days
Assertiveness Skills
SC003 2 Days
Facilitation Skills
SC004 3 Days
Responding to Conflict
SC005 3 Days
Achieving Excellence in Customer Service
SC006 3 Days


Writing and Presentation Skills Courses

Course Code Length
Business and Report Writing Introduction
SW001 3 Days
Public Speaking
SW002 3 Days
Delivering Dynamic Presentations
SW003 2 Days


Time Management & Personal Performance Skills Courses

Course Code Length
Effective Time Management
ST001 2 Days
Time Management Essentials
ST002 2 Days
Managing Information Overload
ST003 2 Days
Personal Skills for Professional Excellence
ST004 4 Days
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
ST005 3 Days
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