Date: Aug 18, 2018

Personal Skills for Professional Excellence

You Will Learn How To

  • Achieve maximum productivity and effectiveness in your organization
  • Build and leverage your professional reputation
  • Get results working with different and difficult personality types
  • Maintain focus in pressure situations
  • Work productively within the political environment of your organization
  • Make a balanced choice between professional and personal commitments


Course Benefits

Today's organizations place great emphasis on personal responsibility and initiative. Managing yourself effectively and working productively with others is critical to both your professional success and the success of your organization. In this course, you gain a comprehensive and proven set of professional skills that helps you stay focused, work effectively with colleagues, develop your networks and expertise, and build your reputation for delivering results.


Who Should Attend

Those who want to maximize their personal effectiveness, build their professional reputation and credibility, and work successfully with a wide range of people.


Workshop Course

Extensive, practical workshops and exercises, conducted in small groups, focus on learning techniques to achieve your professional goals. Workshops include:
  • Evaluating your strengths and style
  • Developing teamwork skills in a simulated situation
  • Building productive work relationships
  • Presenting your proposal
  • Profiling your political intelligence
  • Identifying the key players in your work environment
  • Planning a high-impact message
  • Prioritizing your key areas for development


Course ST004 Content


  • Key characteristics of professional people
  • What do we mean by effective?
  • The components of personal effectiveness

Realizing Your Strengths and Fulfilling Your Potential

Evaluating your aptitudes, styles and potential growth areas

  • Applying the Multiple Intelligences Model
  • Compiling a personal strengths inventory
  • Uncovering the talent paradox

The core elements of professional excellence

  • The three Rs of effectiveness
  • Building your professional reputation

Developing your professional power

  • Analyzing sources of professional authority
  • Strategies for building influence

Managing yourself effectively

  • Creating powerful goals to maintain focus
  • The secret of productive relaxation
  • Scheduling your time effectively
  • Maximizing your attention to tasks

Enhancing Your Thinking Tool Set

Understanding thinking processes

  • Refining your mental models
  • Revealing limiting mental frameworks

The core of interpersonal effectiveness

  • Recognizing the core process of human interaction
  • Enhancing your emotional intelligence
  • Analyzing language to identify and understand motives and intentions

Achieving Results in Pressure Situations

Working productively with colleagues

  • Identifying important players in your work environment
  • Working with difficult coworkers
  • Handling corporate game playing
  • Being assertive without aggression
  • Building productive relationships with upper management

Making meetings work for you

  • Determining when a meeting is needed
  • Keeping your meetings productive and professional

Managing stress productively

  • Effective stress management techniques
  • Learning from setbacks
  • Developing mental toughness

Building Your Professional Reputation

Amplifying your effectiveness by networking

  • The benefits of networking
  • Networking dos and don'ts
  • Contributing to physical and virtual networks

Demonstrating political intelligence

  • Creating and considering your political intelligence profile
  • Prioritizing key areas for skills development
  • Being political with integrity

Preparing and Presenting Winning Proposals

Secrets of successful proposal writing

  • Identifying what your audience needs
  • The psychology of successful proposals
  • Structuring your points in a logical and compelling order

Compiling an effective business case

  • Identifying your true target
  • Distinguishing hard and soft benefits

Presenting your proposal

  • Selecting the best medium for messages
  • Matching your presentation approach to audience needs and mood

Creating the Results You Want

Assembling a personal success strategy

  • Mapping and evaluating your situation
  • Identifying your long-term choices and goals
  • Achieving balance with the Wheel of Life

Controlling your work environment

  • Why desks get cluttered—and how to solve this
  • Handling interruptions and time wasters
  • Analyzing the choke points in your personal processes
  • Reducing e-mail domination

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