Date: Aug 18, 2018
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International Generation Exchange “ITGEX” Long experience, flexible training courses and relevant

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We source the best available training solutions from local and international industry training providers
Our ideas
ITGEX is constantly developing new strategies, competency-based programs and training
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We specialize in training business.
Our training is customized to your specific needs
ITGEX Training Courses
Communication Skills
Communication Skills
Management and leadership
دورة دورات الإدارة ومهارات القيادة
Medical and Health Care
دورة دورات الطب والرعاية الصحية
Information Technology
دورة دورات الكمبيوتر و تكنولوجيا المعلومات
Banking and Islamic Finance
دورة دورات المعاملات المالية والاقتصاد الاسلامي
Oil and Gas
دورة دورات الغاز والبترول
دورة دورات الهندسة
Creative Education
دورة دورات مهارت التعليم والتدريب الإبداعي
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